We have in stock an extensive selection of fine cycads ranging from 1 gallon size to large 48 inch box size plants.

Our cycad pricing is simple, it's based upon our cost, and in many cases we have been growing them for decades from small seedlings and can pass on major savings to you.

We do not sell cycads by the foot or inch, and most certainly we do not sell by fractions of an inch.

It's pricing like ours that keeps our customers coming back, and loyal since 1952

  • Encephalartos Cycads


    Ferox, Princeps, Lehmanii, Arenarius, Altenstenii, Horridus, Trispinosis, Longifolus, Gratus, Kisambo, Natalensis, Natalensis X Woodii, Manikensis, Turnerii, Whitelockii, Ituriensis, Villosis, Senticosus, Lebomboensis, Latifrons

  • Dioon Cycads


    Spinnulosum, Edule, Merolae, Palmasola, Califanoi

  • Cycas Species Cycads


    Revoluta, Thoursaii, Taitungensis, Circinallis, Curanii

    Many Large Cycas Revoluta Sago Palms

  • Macrozamia Cycad


    Zamia Furfuracea, Zamia Fisherii, Zamia Integrafolia, Zamia Floridana

    Ceratozamia Species, Lepidozamia Species, Macrozamia Species

  • Dioon Spinulosum